About us

For the first time in Croatia there is a institution that can offer a complete service ranging from computer dynamic diagnostics of foot deformations and walking disorders to  computer manufacturing of orthopedic insoles out of wide range specialized materials.

Polyclinic for Orthopedy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Kinematika” is a health instituiton intended for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot diseases and injuries, as well as walking disorders in children, adults, diabetics, rheumatic patients, recreational and professional athletes.

Polyclinic “Kinematika” is located in Laginjina 16  (DZ Centar) in Zagreb. It was founded on  November 3rd 1997.


Maja Mirković, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist , specially educated in podology field works since Polyclinic was established. Institution founders are  top-class specialists in the field of orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine:  Prof. dr. sc. Marko Pećina, prof. dr. sc. Gojko Buljat,  prim.dr Zvonko Kejla and others. Electronic measurement device  for recording plantar pressures during walking along special platform is used for computer analysis  and diagnostics of foot deformation and walking disorders. Static analysis can be performed when patients  are uncoordinated or slightly moving.


Following the clinical  evaluation and computer walking analysis, digital footprint is transferred to orthopedic insole designing program (CAD-Computer Aided Design). Next step is very precise robotic manufacturing  of  orthopedic insole (CAM Computer Aided Machine).

According to the decision of the physician who examined patient otrhopedic insole is designed individually, not only for each patient but for each foot.

Orthopedic insoles are made of wide range of specialized materials depending on indications: orthopedic insole purpose, age, body weight, diagnosis and type of footwear patient uses.

Deep, more comfortable footwear is recommended  for wearing orthopedic insoles. Special footwear for wearing orthopedic insoles: slippers, sandals and shoes has possibility for taking out original ready-made insole  and puting individually made one instead.