Price List

Specialist examination       300 kn
Consultation                       100 kn

Ortopedic insoles for kids up to 7 years                                      370 kn
Ortopedic insoles for kids and youth from 7  to 14 years            390 kn
Ortopedic insoles for adults                                                          490 kn
Sport orthopedic insoles                                                               590 kn
Diabetic orthopedic insoles                                                          590 kn

Fast manufacturing of orthopedic insoles in one day: price of orthopedic insole  increases 20%.

Family orthopedic insoles discount ( for cash payment only):
second member of the family     10 %
third member of the family         15 %
all other members of the family   25%

Ordering new pair of orthopedic insoles within six months after examination (for cash payment only):
for another pair of orthopedic insoles                   10 %
for third pair of orthopedic insoles                        15 %
for  each following pair of orthopedic insoles       25 %


Payment: cash and credit cards.